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Bully the T-Rex
Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Hybrid of: T-Rex and West African Frogs
Park ID: TR2
Nickname: "Bully"
Gender: Male
Height: 13ft high at the hips
Length: 40ft long from snout to tail
Weight: 9.3tons
Danger level: High
Intelligence level: Moderate Intelligence
Island: Isla Sorna (Site B)
Territory: Northwest Sector of the Island, but wanders into other areas in search of prey. Is often spotted on the game trail to the south.
History: Bully is the last living T-Rex on Isla Sorna. His family was eventually killed by the vicious and cunning Spinosaurus before and after the events of Jurassic Park 3.
Ingen eventually reclaimed the island following the death of John Hammond and subsequent restructuring of the company afterwards. Most of the live specimens were captured, including the Spinosaurus that had killed Bully's kin.
After escaping in following years, his most hated foe was killed by the Indominus Rex known as "Redback." Her scent is strange to him, neither friend nor foe. Bully tries his
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 1 1
Mortal Kombat OC - Houjin
Code Name:  Houjin
Real Name:  Unknown
Height: 6'5
Weight: 234 pounds
Species: Edenian
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown. Was found as an orphan. Rumored to have been smuggled into Earthrealm by the gods.
Alignment: Evil but has been known to fight on the side of good when it suits him.
Affiliations: The Gods and The Lin Kuei Clan of Assassins
Occupation: Assassin and Lin Kuei Warrior
Appearance: Youthful in appearance with bronze colored skin and mongol style mustache. He's been jokingly called "Sektors older brother" because they are similar in appearance. While on a mission, he dons the usual "Sub-zero Style" Lin Kuei uniform with a mask and it's dark orange in color.
Personality: Arrogant, chauvinistic, brilliant, and meticulous. The warrior known as Houjin can be a very difficult man to like. But all respect his abilities as a warrior and his knack of getting the job done. His prowess is near unequaled with the exception of Cyrax, Sektor, and Sub-Zero. He often comes across a
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 1 0
Dwayne Hendricks Bio
Name: Dwayne Hendricks
Age: 54 as of 2015
Race: Mixed Native American and White
Alliance/Faction: Neo Umbrella as of 2015
Karma: Evil
Lives/Works: Formerly under Umbrella and the Organization. Now works for Neo Umbrella. Current base of operation not known to the BSAA
Occupation: Scientist and Co-Founder of Neo Umbrella
Appearance: Brown eyes, tan skin, and black hair. He stands a mere 5'11 but can transform into a Tyrant-like monster that stands at 8'4. As the Tyrant, he can toss people and vehicles with little effort and can jump impressive distances. Can also sprout Nemesis-like tentacles to whip and impale his victims.
Scars/Tattoos: His body his riddled with scars from self experimentation and body alteration.
Strengths: Superhuman strength, healing ability, and Intelligence.
Weakness: Enough firepower or diplomacy may save your life should you have the misfortune of encountering him. Hendricks also suffers from smug overconfidence and being manipulated by others.
Armor: None
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 1 1
Darcir Bio
Name: Darcir
Age: Unknown. Rumored to be thousands of years old
Alliance/Faction: Morgoth, Thulsa Doom, and Sauron in the past. Currently under no banner but his own.
Karma: Evil
Lives/Works: Where ever he pleases. Currently hunting for prey in Mirkwood Forest
Occupation: Hunter and Trader in human form.
Scars/Tattoos: None. His rapid healing ability leaves no lasting scars.
Strengths: Rapid Healing, Super Strength, Pain Reliance. In Beast form, these affects are 10x more powerful. Immortality from consuming the bodies of his victims.
Weakness: Like most werewolves, Darcir is vulnerable to fire and silver. As a werewolf, he’s easy to trick and escape from should you maintain your wits during an encounter. No easy task considering his intimidating height and viciousness. He’s greedy and self centered and can be manipulated by far more devious beings.
Personality: As a human, he’s kind and generous. As a werewolf he is the polar opposite of that. The beast is a manifest
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Aliens Origins - Part 5
Chapter 5 - Blackout
The three other humans fled fast in spite of them carrying handguns and rigged explosives. But what they saw was beyond belief. Huge horrible monsters cocooning and turning victims into something abominable. They panicked in the face of something so evil, so frightening in their minds. They didn’t radio back to the rest of colony in their haste and headed up several levels to long distance satellite communications control. The small computer lab was empty of personnel as the system was automated for the most part. Once the three survivors of the would be rescue party were inside, they hit the override and the main door slammed shut, sealing themselves inside and those monsters outside.
However, they were far from safe. The black shelled warrior Buratiss was hot on their trail and within minutes was howling and slamming into the door. The metal screeched and bent and began to bulge inwards. One of trio hides under a desk while the other two drew their handguns
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Young Dar'chiss by EvilDevilKing Young Dar'chiss :iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 0 0
Mature content
Aliens Origins Part 4 :iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Xeno Family by EvilDevilKing Xeno Family :iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 0 0
Aliens - Origins Part 3
Chapter 3 - Siblings
Time passed, fleshy two legged things came looking for him and failed to find him. Dar’chiss was not just some beast. He was intelligent and needed love and companionship just as much as he needed meat. He’d never lie down with the prey however, he merely waited for his sibling to be born. The Elder Dar’chiss felt the presence of the newborn and called out silently, luring the infant towards him like a moth to flame. Once they met they both bonded instantly. The yellowish snake-like chest hatchling and the massive blue shelled adult curled up together, the baby kept safe and secure from harm until it molted...which would soon. The first night the infant curled up in its older siblings arms, it was named Buratiss.
The following morning, Dar awoke to discover Buratiss shed its skin and grew large and healthy. The pheramones in the air told the Elder xenomorph that he now had a new younger brother. The would be parent of the young one looked over the
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Mature content
Aliens Origins - Part 2 :iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Aliens - Orgins Part 1
Chapter 1 - A new beginning
Several eggs opened in the sabotaged stasis chambers, splaying wide their petal-like opening with a wet cracking sound. Long spidery legs grip the tops of their eggs and the facehuggers emerge, chirping wildly that there was no hosts nearby. They scatter and explore the massive ship, the interior looking as if it was twisted blend of flesh and metal. A bio mechanical monstrosity carrying death, but now that death was unleashed upon the slumbering giants of this vessel. In time, the facehuggers found their hosts. Using secreted acid to burn through their hypersleep chambers and latch on to their faces. One hugger in particular chose to implant the “Pilot” nestled in a huge telescopic chair this one was the first to be born.
Hours past, the first stage of the xenomorph lifeform fell away from their hosts and died off and soon after came the squeals of newborn children. Eight in all, vicious and deadly even as babies they ripped and tore at each oth
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Aliens - Origins Prologue
In the ancient past, a space faring race...the first race explored the galaxy and found themselves alone. They spread their own genetic material through out the stars, seeding many barren planets with life. Then they encountered a very strange and unique silicon based life form on the far reaches of the milky way galaxy. The advanced species engineered these creatures and guided their evolution. Soon under the Engineers careful tender did they too become sentient and intelligent enough to build pyramids and create primitive art.
Then came the harvest and the sun grew hotter, great forests turned in vast deserts and the great lakes dried away and blew into dust. Most of the life on this world perished and only the strongest of the beasts survived. The Primitive Race had seen their food supply run low and war broke out amongst the alien tribes. But there was little in the way of spoils for the victors of this acid blood soaked war. What few remained were easily dominated by the
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0
Mass Effect Legends: Faal'kin and Stryker
Faal’kin was nearing the end of his military career and he couldn’t be happier to be able to do something else with his life. He was tired of fighting mercenaries and pirates in the more lawless sectors of the galaxy. They were often cowardly and sneaky wastes of skin that needed to be disposed of but hardly worthy foes. The humans changed all that when they recently expanded beyond their own solar system. Humanity was young and ignorant, recklessly activating relay after relay that they encountered. The Turians made sure that such transgressions would have dire consequences and now there was a new potential enemy that needed to be humbled. Shock and awe was the method that Faal’kins people would apply to this savage child race of ugly looking primates.
As captain, he stood at the CIC of his cruiser, leading a fleet that would crush the meager human forces on this colony world called Shanxi. It would be here that the Turians would force the human hierarchy to deal wit
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 1 0
Randy Riza by EvilDevilKing Randy Riza :iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0 Tyruss versus Riza by EvilDevilKing Tyruss versus Riza :iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 6 1
The Untold Story of Doom
It didn’t take us long to notice the early incursions into our domain…our prison. I’ve always known humans were resourceful and had great ingenuity. But after the age of magic and wonder had long been extinguished, I hardly expected Gods’ children to enter my kingdom without magical aid. Perhaps I lacked the foresight to think that humanity would replace religion and faith with science and technology. I would love to take credit for it, but I hate to begrudgingly admit that I nor my minions had nothing to do with that. If we did, we surely would have exploited this new weakness in man much sooner.
Man had merely outgrown their gods and now was the best time to strike them down and claim their souls and their worlds. We were long labelled as fictitious, parables, and metaphors. Sadly, only the truly wise knew better and those of whom were aware of us and were truly innocent were safe. Until this time, we couldn’t enter the world of man as easily was we des
:iconevildevilking:EvilDevilKing 2 0


Redback by The-Linkinator Redback :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 10 0 On Isla Sorna by The-Linkinator On Isla Sorna :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 6 3
Jurassic World Site B- Indominus Rex OC
Species: Indominus Rex
Hybrid of: -Carnotaurus
          -Tyrannosaurus Rex
          -Tree frog
          -Unspecified number of modern animals
Park ID: IX93
Nickname: Redback
Gender: Female
Height: 25ft
Length: 57ft
Weight: 9.5tons
Danger level: Extremely Dangerous
Intelligence level: Extremely Intelligent
Island: Isla Sorna (Site B)
Territory: Northern parts of the island, will occasionally venture around other parts of the Island. Her lair is the ruins of her holding enclosure.
History: With Isla Nublar being remade into Jurassi
:iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 5 3
The Marked Ranger by The-Linkinator The Marked Ranger :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 3 2
Aliens OC- Hazard Bio
Name: Jansen De La Cruz
Aka: Hazard
Nationality: mixed Finnish and Latino
Sex: Female
Age: 35
Height: 6ft
Weight: 149lbs
Hair colour: black with some lighter streaks
Eye colour: grey
Rank:  -Lead PMC
      -Personal Bodyguard for Dr Solaris
Weapons:  -ARMAT M4A3 service pistol (laser targeting system and A27 High velocity rounds.
         -ARMAT M4A1 pulse rifle (laser targeting system, Extended magazine and RMAT magazine accelerator)
         -W-Y MK221 Tactical shotgun (H34 Fragmentation rounds, R2 Recoil Dampening stock, C47 Box magazine system, L14 Laser targeting System, Motorized Cycling mechanism)
         -M56A2 Smart Gun
         -Combat knife made from a Xenomorphs tail blade
Armour: -ARMAT M3 acid resistant (White with Wey-yu markings has extra ammo pouches and holsters for knives and pistol)
       -Prosthetic leg is made from the
:iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 2 2
X'Hix Bio
Name: X'Hix
Species: Xenomorph
Life Cycle: Ovomorph> Super facehugger> Chestburster> Drone> Crusher> Queen
Height: -Chestburster- 1ft
            -Drone- 7ft 3in
            -Crusher- 13ft at shoulder
            -Queen- 25ft
Weight: -Chestbuster- 20lbs
             -Drone- 370lbs
             -Crusher- 13440lbs (6 tons)
             -Queen- 22400lbs (10 tons)
Length: -Chestbuster- 2ft
            -Drone- 15ft
            -Queen- 40ft
Carapace colour: Rusty red
Notable features:
            -Chestburster- arms and legs and crest formed by time she exited host.
            -Drone- gained large scars on abdom
:iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 3 3
CoR- Boonie exploring Lambda turf by The-Linkinator CoR- Boonie exploring Lambda turf :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 8 9 CoR- Goliath App by The-Linkinator CoR- Goliath App :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 11 7
Halo Elite OC- Ra'Zer
Full Name: Ra’Zer ‘Konar-ai
Race: Sangheili
Gender: Female
Height: 8ft 7inches
Weight: 390lbs
Eye Colour: orange with a yellow tint
Skin Colour: Brown
Rank:  Special operations Officer (Formerly)
Fleet Master- Fleet Wrathful Vengeance (Currently)
Vehicle(s): CAS-class assault carrier The Warriors Wrath
Armour:  Her armour is very similar to the armour Sangheili warriors wear, coloured black as a nod to her previous rank of Special Operation Officer.
Weapons: Type-1 Energy Weapon/sword (x2), Type-55 Directed Energy Rifle/Advanced, Type-51 Carbine, Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved.
Scars:    - Stab wounds, one chest very close to hearts, one on her knee, shoulder (from a one on one battle with a Spartan)
-multiple scars on one side of face (caused by shrapnel from a very close explosion)
- long gash like scars at various parts of body, and along one arm ( from a fight with heretics)
` -Plasma burns
-many more small scrapes from over battles
:iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 1 2
The White Wolf of Skyrim by The-Linkinator The White Wolf of Skyrim :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 6 0 Sub-zero by The-Linkinator Sub-zero :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 3 0 Riza Havardr the White Wolf by The-Linkinator Riza Havardr the White Wolf :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 5 9 RE OC- Jack by The-Linkinator RE OC- Jack :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 2 3 RE OC- Jack by The-Linkinator RE OC- Jack :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 2 4 Drone Xhix on Orion by The-Linkinator Drone Xhix on Orion :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 3 3 Demonic Diablo by The-Linkinator Demonic Diablo :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 3 2


Where to begin? I guess I'll pick where I left off. The trip to see :iconthe-linkinator: went well and I landed in Belfast on Halloween! (insert evil laugh here) Hopefully I'll be able to go back in March. I really miss our movie nights! After a week there, I came back home and got pretty sick with a bad cold and ear ache to boot. Then I managed to break two teeth, one on x-mas eve and the second on new years eve. Weak enamel I guess. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH PEOPLE. Mine are in bad shape thanks to neglect and not going to dentist much. Since I have insurance now, I'll do better to try to keep the chompers I still have.

Been working again and still at the amusement park. Hopefully this will be my last winter there. I barely make any money during the slower fall/winter months. Might still keep it was a summer job for another few years, but after 5 years of working there now, I'm just about ready to move on.

As you may have noticed, I've been uploading some more material lately. You can expect a lot more over the next few months too since I have an abundance of down time. That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a great 2015!
  • Watching: ALIEN
  • Eating: Tacos and Chips
  • Drinking: Coke


Rick Lewis
United States
Height: 6'2

Gender: All Male

Gay, straight, or bi?: Straight. I like Lady Parts thank you very much.

Current status: That's personal and probably none of your business. But I'll say taken. Heh.

Likes: In no particular order Gears of War, Mass Effect, Halo, Xenomorphs, Predators, Terminators, Werewolves, Vampires, WWE, Star Trek, Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, Writing, Roleplaying, Gaming and :iconthe-linkinator:

Dislikes: Too many to list! If you get to know me, you'll find out what those things are...

Favorite bands: Nothing in particular but I do enjoy soundtracks from various films and video games.

Personality: Shy and bashful around new people, but once I get comfortable around you, I'll open up a bit. I'm fun, sensitive, and terrible influence on people. I do enjoy being good distraction on close friends. No worries, it all harmless.

My Original Characters: Too many to list! In time you'll see a few here. My Vorcha Nash (Mass Effect), Ripjaw (Chaos Marine), and Gothrawg (Ork) are currently very popular amongst friends.



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